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"FRIENDS OF THE ERISKAY PONIES" is all about owners and breeders and enthusiasts networking and enjoying Eriskay Ponies.

Once you have met an ERISKAY PONY

                                  you will wonder how you ever managed to live without them.


.......and you will hope neither you nor future generations to come, ever do have have to live without them.

Eriskay Ponies are gentle, loving and extemely hardy ponies that are native to the Western Hebridean Isles, in particular the Isle of Eriskay. 

They survive the often harsh weather conditions, strong gales and severe winters of the Isles (their natural habitat).  This is because they have very large areas in the hills to roam for unlimited, good quality pasture, fresh flowing spring water and they easily find excellent shelter amongst the rocky landscape.  (in addition to Natural adaptations).

In their natural habitat they sometimes blend in so well with their surroundings that they almost become invisible.  They are healthy, happy ponies who are suitable for work and pleasure.

They are ideal childrens mounts and are particularly fond of and bond easily with children.  They take extra special care of their young riders.  They form close relationships with their human handlers (adults and children) and once tame greet them everyday with a galloping, neighing welcome !

Help to save them from extinction by promoting the breed and by breeding them and using them. 

Just as the British Riding Pony and the Australian Riding Pony's have been developed from combining certain breeds so too can the Eriskay Pony be used to produce superb childrens riding ponies who excel at all disciplines. 

As the Welsh Pony also faced near extinction historically and was brough back to become one of the finest breeds in the world, so too can the Eriskay Pony.  Both Welsh Pure Bred ponies and Part Bred ponies are equally sought after and so too with the Eriskay Pony. 

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FRIENDS OF THE ERISKAY PONIES is here to help, support and promote the Eriskay Ponies